Untitled (Study for Kanye’s Tweets no.2)

The work contains a selection of tweets which were sent by Kanye West between 2012-2017 and focuses particularly on the subjects such as contemporary art, the definition of art and being an artist. To form a fictional speech, these particular tweets were collected from the total of 997 and written on clay tablets with Sumerian cuneiform writing.

Project compares Sumerian Cuneiform tablets, as they were the first system of writing and an information tool with social media sites such as Twitter where the text can be experienced most commonly in our age. This futile effort of bringing together is rather a transliteration than a translation. It is also a conscious attempt to pertain a historical anachronism.

The journey that began with demigod Gilgamesh’s definition of “reaching the immortality for humankind is to leave a great name behind and to transfer the knowledge to next generations” is continuing it’s evolution nowadays on the internet by the help of the pop-culture-extolled phenomena and leaders with their ‘followers’, ‘tweets’, retweets’ and ‘likes’.

Apart from their stylistic and functional properties, Sumerian tablets which are accepted as the origin of the history, resembles electronic tablets and smart phones which we use to read the ‘text’ extensively in the present day. Given this similarity, the tablets in this work are produced based on the dimensions of iPhone and iPad models produced by Apple.



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