Feelings and Anxieties of Ordinary Netizens

2012 - On-going

We have transported our identities from real life to virtual in the last 15 years period which brought up the transformation “from citizens to netizens”. But what has been changed ? The on-going project “Feelings and Anxieties of Ordinary Netizens” comes along with questions rather than statements, revealing observations on the existential problems of mankind through the netizens. Concepts such as “the impossibility of absolute truth”, “ideological filtering on information” and “power balances” are being expressed via the images and connections that we are accustomed to view on the Web on daily basis. By using flags designed for netizens as a symbol of a community, digital compositions consisting of ASCII characters that used anonymously by public to symbolize their feelings on forums, interventions on the excerpt images taken from the documentaries on the web, slogans manipulated re-evaluating the current conditions,moving images reinterpreting pages of history faling to open and individualized “captcha” forms that used to distinguish human from machine input, the project tries to reveal a set of relations that shows us feelings and anxieties of ordinary netizens in the age of global connectivity.

Exhibition views from the exhibitions, “Coup de Ville - Attracted by Another Level”, 12 September - 13 October 2013, Sint-Niklaas- Belgium and “Untold Unwritten: Fourth Show”, Borusan Music House, 24 January - 06 March 2013. Istanbul.

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