‘We are Accidents Waiting to Happen’ brings together long-term observations on the global culture which has been shaped around the Internet in years. Instead of glorifying its hegemonic, indispensable statue on our lives, the exhibition spots the interrupted features of this media which is basically dependent on functioning properly just like any other technological system. Justifying its title in reference to a ‘nausea’ genre song lyrics, ‘There, There’ from Radiohead’s ‘Hail to the Thief’ album released in 2003, it searches for a collection of human conditions that derives from experiencing accidents, errors and failures on the daily Internet usage. Forasmuch, surrounded by found and/or reconstructed images, texts and objects of this world, we get through the picture of a failure culture: a so-called rational society which desperately quests for an approval at any (!) price, a paranoia following the manipulative paths of virtual reality, a new virus slang working in a wide range of ‘inappropriateness’ from pornographic to humorous acts, a new type of popular aesthetics that insists on its own weird criteria, a global connectivity staying online in the memory of the netizens in spite of connection disability and so on…

Exhibition views from the show “WE ARE ACCIDENTS WAITING TO HAPPEN”, 21.12.2013 - 30.01.2013, 49A -Non-profit Space, Izmir/Turkey.

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